Why is The Recumbent Bike Is Best For Home Use?

The world has witnessed that most people who are extremely successful in their lives are fit and they follow a diet. Let’s take a well-known Dubai businessman “Saying Yelchin – Who has made a challenge to maintain himself and remain healthy. He took the challenge so that he can stay healthy and be the role model for many people.”

I think many of you don’t know that even Sir Barack Obama, the first thing he does after brushing his teeth and shaving his beard is to workout for half hour. According to the Daily reports, the former president likes to Cardio workout so that he can stay fit.

The part of the exercise is all about that they never miss a single day on the work. If you respect the work and success, then you must work out every day to be present and active.

I have given a couple of examples of popular and successful people who are known for their achievement. They never miss a day to work, and they never miss their workout because only the successful people know the value of health. I’m making you feel dumber, but that’s not true.

Never Miss a Day

According to the president of a particular country has said that “Missing a single day for the Job or Workout is the same to me – If you are unfit to the workout then you are unfit to work for an organization.” The moral of the story is simple, those who are unfit (unhealthy) are not fit for the job. So having a Recumbent Bike at home helps you stay healthy.

Time Saving

Once you have woke up from the sleep, then you can do your thing for 10 minutes and directly hop on the Recumbent Bike for the daily workout.

When you have to go to GYM, then you have to fresh up, wear clothes, pick up the gear, hop on your vehicle to reach 20 minutes away GYM then start working out for an hour. The process will repeat after it has finished. Ultimately you save time when you have it at home.


Every bike created in the world has made to use it every day. What does this mean? It has no disadvantages, and past century people used a road bike as the primary transport solution. Let’s connect the puzzles and what do you find? You can use the machine for years, which helps you manage your weight and keeps you active throughout the day.

Cardio & Active Brain

You may not be an expert at fitness, but cardio is an important aspect of fitness, which will improve your brain or keeps your mind active. If you can work out comfortably, then that is the sign of fitness of cardio.


There are 100’s of reasons why you should have one fitness machine at home. Nothing is more important than you health, and if you have health, then you can achieve success even after a long time. We would love to know your thoughts and feedback in the comment below.

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Is there anything Facebook cant do?

Well, of course theres a lot that Facebook cant do. Yet. But dont bet that it will stay that way for long. Facebook and social networking sites like Tumblr, Twitter (and the like) continue to add more advertising opportunities, more content and even more productivity tools to increase their valuation.

In fact, Facebook has become so functional and integral to business that over 23% of firms use Facebook to offer customer support.  Thats a pretty startling figure considering that only a couple years ago, most of my b2b clients didnt want to have anything to do with Facebook. The standard line went something like this, my customers arent on Facebook; I dont even know how we would use it, so no, lets not spend any effort there.

Whats cool is that businesses that have invested the time and energy are seeing just rewards in increased customer satisfaction and brand awareness. Add the ability to share, check in and more, and youve got yourself a great tool.

But there are some limitations to current social sites and thats where companies like SoLoMo will quickly gain ground. Our ticketing application, and several other mobile business solutions (to be released soon) will augment the social scene and add even more value to the mobile market.

We tell customers and peers all the time, mobile is here. Its now and happening fast. Youve got to figure out your strategy now to stay relevant. This could seem a bit hyperbolic or even like scare tactics, but its not. No worries! There are some friendly people out there who can help you (like SoLoMo and like-minded firms) get mobile, quickly and efficiently. We can even help to make it affordable for your organization, whether you are a small, medium or large company.

In somewhat related news, I enjoyed listening to an interview with Ian Sigalow, an experienced VC investor.

And, of course, were planning to have a lot of fun along the way!
He talks about how strong the market is for mobile and how the investment landscape is shaping up right now for companies like yours truly. When you have a chance, listen up and let me know what you think. We at SoLoMo have every intention of playing to win in this space by adding turnkey mobile solutions for businesses.

Watch this video:10 Reasons Not To TRUST Facebook

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Why it pays to things a little different

Its really easy to get into a routine and lets face it, without solid routines, nothing would ever get done. But sometimes you need to break routine and shake things up a bit. Naturally this applies to our personal lives, but it can apply to our work lives too; especially when it comes to giving your brand a little kick in the pants. Changing things up, within the appropriate boundaries of your industry and business of course, can help get you noticed.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, formerly known as the Department of Commerce [insert Prince-like symbol here for fun] is doing just that changing things up, in a concerted effort to put Wisconsin on center stage at the BIO conference in Boston this June. To use a corny phrase, theyve shucked the old trade show booth in exchange for one that is more reflective of the modern, technologically advanced forces at work in our state. If you stop by the Wisconsin Pavilion at BIO, youll see a Mad for Science theme and phrases like ,were crazy about green energy. Or, were changing the world through bioscience. These are big, bold statements, presented in a fun and graphically compelling way.

The great thing about these bold statements is that Wisconsin can back it up. Weve got world class companies, scientists, research institutions and state resources. Weve got patents galore through WARF. Companies like Lucigen, Shine, Quintessence Biosciences and Standard Imaging continue to innovate and put Wisconsin on the map. Organizations like BioForward and the Wisconsin Tech Council help get things done.

Wisconsin is definitely going to get noticed at this years global BIO conference.  It starts with a visual change-up and is supported by the powerhouse minds that will be in the booth.

To see what I mean about changing things up, go home and rearrange just a couple pieces of living room furniture. Or go really crazy and change the side you part your hair on. Then take a look these small changes will make you see things differently. Our minds tend to ignore that which we see every day in the same place and way. So for your company, change things up a bit. Your customers will notice even the smallest changes.…

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From Mashable: SoLoMo Revolution Picks Up.

Samantha Murphy, reporter for Mashable.com wrote a nice piece on the SoLoMo Revolution and we were lucky enough to get quoted.  We appreciate her article because a lot of our efforts with customers are spent, not just coding at terminals, but coming up with a strategic plan to integrate their business, marketing and IT needs. When you combine all of these efforts, you truly create a personal and memorable experience for your customers.

Dont worry, its not as daunting as it sounds, but it does take some work. We recommend you get the stakeholders from different departments together and note individual business goals. Then, instead of spending time allocating resources in your individual departments, look at the overlap in goals. How can you now pool or share your resources to address the overlapped items? Put ego and the past behind you; businesses who address their future using this new approach will start pulling away from their competitors.

Have questions? Dont hesitate to send us an email. Liz Eversoll, Randy VanderHeiden and Karen Dettinger are here to help.…

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Lets challenge some assumptions

People make assumptions all the time. Were all guilty of it and Im no exception. We are all human after all, and thats just part of life.  Of course you already know this, but it bears repeating. Making assumptions is part of business too and while it isnt always, it can be a very dangerous thing. Ill give you an example.

I checked Facebook this morning to update some SoLoMo info and I noticed my moms latest status update, admitting her addiction to Stupid Zombies a pretty mindless, but fun little app on her iPad2. This new addiction, which runs in parallel with a pretty wicked Tetris situation, means that my mom spends 2-3 hours a day goofing on her iPad. Theres nothing wrong with this; shes a perfectly productive citizen with lots of friends, family and art in her life and she plays night while shes taking in the evening news. I actually think its pretty cool because I see her playing it side-by-side with my 13 and 10 year old sons (who are on their own iPads) and watch as they help her get to the next level.

Seventy years ago multiple generations would huddle around the radio. Today, we huddle on our own devices, but still in congress with each other.

There is a point to this story. Every day, as marketing consultants, we hear about people building and planning apps to reach younger generations. Many businesses are consumed with how they can reach the digital natives. They assume that their market are digital nativesyoung hipsters in their 20s who share every life detail on their so-nets. This is a reasonable assumption, of course, but they are leaving something out. And by something, I mean everyone else!

My mom is mobile. Highly mobile. She is a spunky, cute 60-something with an Android phone, a Macbook Pro and an iPad. I have news for businesses too she spends money! Dont count out people who are 30, 40, 50, 60 or older when youre thinking of reaching new customers. These generations (the enigmatic Xers and Boomers) may respond to different campaigns than the youngins, but that doesnt mean they wont respond.

And trust me, when the zombie apocalypse comes, youre going to want my mom on your side. She really knows how to throw a punch.

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