Lets challenge some assumptions

People make assumptions all the time. Were all guilty of it and Im no exception. We are all human after all, and thats just part of life.  Of course you already know this, but it bears repeating. Making assumptions is part of business too and while it isnt always, it can be a very dangerous thing. Ill give you an example.

I checked Facebook this morning to update some SoLoMo info and I noticed my moms latest status update, admitting her addiction to Stupid Zombies a pretty mindless, but fun little app on her iPad2. This new addiction, which runs in parallel with a pretty wicked Tetris situation, means that my mom spends 2-3 hours a day goofing on her iPad. Theres nothing wrong with this; shes a perfectly productive citizen with lots of friends, family and art in her life and she plays night while shes taking in the evening news. I actually think its pretty cool because I see her playing it side-by-side with my 13 and 10 year old sons (who are on their own iPads) and watch as they help her get to the next level.

Seventy years ago multiple generations would huddle around the radio. Today, we huddle on our own devices, but still in congress with each other.

There is a point to this story. Every day, as marketing consultants, we hear about people building and planning apps to reach younger generations. Many businesses are consumed with how they can reach the digital natives. They assume that their market are digital nativesyoung hipsters in their 20s who share every life detail on their so-nets. This is a reasonable assumption, of course, but they are leaving something out. And by something, I mean everyone else!

My mom is mobile. Highly mobile. She is a spunky, cute 60-something with an Android phone, a Macbook Pro and an iPad. I have news for businesses too she spends money! Dont count out people who are 30, 40, 50, 60 or older when youre thinking of reaching new customers. These generations (the enigmatic Xers and Boomers) may respond to different campaigns than the youngins, but that doesnt mean they wont respond.

And trust me, when the zombie apocalypse comes, youre going to want my mom on your side. She really knows how to throw a punch.