From Mashable: SoLoMo Revolution Picks Up.

Samantha Murphy, reporter for wrote a nice piece on the SoLoMo Revolution and we were lucky enough to get quoted.  We appreciate her article because a lot of our efforts with customers are spent, not just coding at terminals, but coming up with a strategic plan to integrate their business, marketing and IT needs. When you combine all of these efforts, you truly create a personal and memorable experience for your customers.

Dont worry, its not as daunting as it sounds, but it does take some work. We recommend you get the stakeholders from different departments together and note individual business goals. Then, instead of spending time allocating resources in your individual departments, look at the overlap in goals. How can you now pool or share your resources to address the overlapped items? Put ego and the past behind you; businesses who address their future using this new approach will start pulling away from their competitors.

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