Is there anything Facebook cant do?

Well, of course theres a lot that Facebook cant do. Yet. But dont bet that it will stay that way for long. Facebook and social networking sites like Tumblr, Twitter (and the like) continue to add more advertising opportunities, more content and even more productivity tools to increase their valuation.

In fact, Facebook has become so functional and integral to business that over 23% of firms use Facebook to offer customer support.  Thats a pretty startling figure considering that only a couple years ago, most of my b2b clients didnt want to have anything to do with Facebook. The standard line went something like this, my customers arent on Facebook; I dont even know how we would use it, so no, lets not spend any effort there.

Whats cool is that businesses that have invested the time and energy are seeing just rewards in increased customer satisfaction and brand awareness. Add the ability to share, check in and more, and youve got yourself a great tool.

But there are some limitations to current social sites and thats where companies like SoLoMo will quickly gain ground. Our ticketing application, and several other mobile business solutions (to be released soon) will augment the social scene and add even more value to the mobile market.

We tell customers and peers all the time, mobile is here. Its now and happening fast. Youve got to figure out your strategy now to stay relevant. This could seem a bit hyperbolic or even like scare tactics, but its not. No worries! There are some friendly people out there who can help you (like SoLoMo and like-minded firms) get mobile, quickly and efficiently. We can even help to make it affordable for your organization, whether you are a small, medium or large company.

In somewhat related news, I enjoyed listening to an interview with Ian Sigalow, an experienced VC investor.

And, of course, were planning to have a lot of fun along the way!
He talks about how strong the market is for mobile and how the investment landscape is shaping up right now for companies like yours truly. When you have a chance, listen up and let me know what you think. We at SoLoMo have every intention of playing to win in this space by adding turnkey mobile solutions for businesses.

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