Why it pays to things a little different

Its really easy to get into a routine and lets face it, without solid routines, nothing would ever get done. But sometimes you need to break routine and shake things up a bit. Naturally this applies to our personal lives, but it can apply to our work lives too; especially when it comes to giving your brand a little kick in the pants. Changing things up, within the appropriate boundaries of your industry and business of course, can help get you noticed.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, formerly known as the Department of Commerce [insert Prince-like symbol here for fun] is doing just that changing things up, in a concerted effort to put Wisconsin on center stage at the BIO conference in Boston this June. To use a corny phrase, theyve shucked the old trade show booth in exchange for one that is more reflective of the modern, technologically advanced forces at work in our state. If you stop by the Wisconsin Pavilion at BIO, youll see a Mad for Science theme and phrases like ,were crazy about green energy. Or, were changing the world through bioscience. These are big, bold statements, presented in a fun and graphically compelling way.

The great thing about these bold statements is that Wisconsin can back it up. Weve got world class companies, scientists, research institutions and state resources. Weve got patents galore through WARF. Companies like Lucigen, Shine, Quintessence Biosciences and Standard Imaging continue to innovate and put Wisconsin on the map. Organizations like BioForward and the Wisconsin Tech Council help get things done.

Wisconsin is definitely going to get noticed at this years global BIO conference.  It starts with a visual change-up and is supported by the powerhouse minds that will be in the booth.

To see what I mean about changing things up, go home and rearrange just a couple pieces of living room furniture. Or go really crazy and change the side you part your hair on. Then take a look these small changes will make you see things differently. Our minds tend to ignore that which we see every day in the same place and way. So for your company, change things up a bit. Your customers will notice even the smallest changes.